7 thoughts on “Tell us how you Clicked Pico Today!

  1. I just bought some awesome t shirts from Imprint Revolution!! They are crazy creative over there!

  2. Just ordered a truffle pizza from the Six!! ..I have had it before..so i can tell you..AMAZING!..and now..$6 off!!!

  3. Ordered dinner to celebrate the Great American Take out from Tuscan Son-Steak and arugula and chicken with mushroom sauce with sides of roasted broccoli!! Yum. Pitfire was dinner yesterday and California Chicken Cafe was Sunday. We will eventually need to go to a store but take out has been our friend this week!

  4. I clickedpico this week to the max!! Ordered from John O’Groats for lunch on Monday, burgers from The Apple Pan on Tuesday, Dinner from Tuscan Son on Wednesday and The Backhouse Sushi for dinner on Thursday. Excited to see what Stalking Horse is offering now that they are opening up for takeout orders!! YAY!!

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